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On June 18, 2015, Stephen Cooke Jr was wrongfully convicted of the April 20, 2000 murder of his fiancé Heidi Bernadzikowski.  The trial that took place fifteen years after Heidi's murder was flawed from the beginning to the end as unethical prosecutors and a biased judge erroneously admitted irrelevant evidence and blocked or hid relevant evidence.  

This website is dedicated to clearing Stephen's name and helping him obtain justice and the freedom he deserves by presenting all of the evidence, Allowing informed decisions to be made and proving Stephen's innocence.

December 2020 Update

Stephen's case is currently in the appeal process with the Maryland Federal Court.  


We have obtained an attorney for this appeal and it is our belief that the courts opinions are not reflective of the actual evidence presented and primarily a regurgitation of the state's case.  

June 2019 Update

Stephen's case is currently in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.  

There are several critical categories that his appeal is based on which include; irreconcilable evidence and motives between Grant Lewis' trail and Stephen's trial.  In addition he is arguing his sixth amendment rights that were violated.

  • In Lewis' trial the State's key witness, Rebecca Love, told the State that Alexander Bennett was sent by Grant Lewis to murder the female that he was in contact with that promised him money for a big job.  In Stephen's trial the State fought to suppress Rebecca Love from testifying and even using Lewis' confession to her.

  • The State illegally interrogated Stephen without his attorney present and used pieces of those illegal interviews to piece together a story to convict him.

  • These statements were also made under duress due to threats by another inmate who was wearing a wire.  This inmate was specifically directed by the police and State's Attorney to get specific information from Stephen.  When these attempts were unsuccessful, the inmate used threats and force and the police were aware of his tactics.

  • Perjured testimony by the State's Attorney, lead detective and the inmate which they deny giving the inmate a deal or an incentive for his involvement.

  • During Stephen's trial, the jury was not properly polled.  One juror did not respond when the polling was done which was an incomplete polling and a violation of Stephen's rights.

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